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2020’de Daha Çok Kitap Okumanızı Sağlayacak 6 Akıllı İpucu

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For its latest streamlined design, Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG) went back to nature. The Danish powerhouse has joined forces with storied lighting manufacturer Louis Poulsen to create Keglen, a collection of sleek aluminum-spun pendants inspired by water droplets. 

“With Keglen, we were inspired by the shape of droplets and their conical appearance,” says Jakob Lange, a partner at BIG. Lange manages BIG Ideas, the firm’s product division that devises lighting and digital solutions for projects the world over. Along with cultivating a minimalist, contemporary aesthetic, the funnel-shaped pendants were designed with pragmatism in mind. Each Keglen light features a curved opal insert, which creates a soft and glare-free glow. And by slicking their interiors with a coat of white, light reflects expertly. Adds Lange, “By placing the source of light at the center of the distinctive, downturned lampshade, a diffusion of light gently emanates above and below the shade to create a calming uniform ambiance.”